Anthropology and Security Studies

Fina Antón Hurtado and Giovanni Ercolani (eds)
Murcia: Universidad de Murcia, 2013

Foreword: An Anthropological Approach to Security, Luis Álvarez Munárriz;

Introduction:  Anthropology  and  Security  Studies,  Fina  Antón  Hurtado  and  Giovanni Ercolani;

1.  Considerations  on  Anthropology  and  Critical  Security  Studies  in  a  Globalized Context:  The  NATO  Civil-Military  Co-operation  (CIMIC)  Doctrine  as  an Anthropological Space, Giovanni Ercolani;

2.  Visual Ethnographies, Conflict and Security, Chris Farrands;

3.  The  Psychology  of  Peacekeeping:  One  Domain  Where  Political  Realism  and Critical Security Theory Will Meet, Harvey Langholtz;

4.  ’The  Revolution  Continues  Worldwide!':  Emancipatory Politics  In  an  Age  of Global Insecurity, Danielle Moretti-Langholtz;

5.  Anthropological Methods in Counter-Trafficking Activities: Analysis of Criminal Networks and Victim-Oriented Approach, Desirée Pangerc;

6.  Anthropology and Conflicts, Marco Ramazzotti; Conclusions:  A  New  Grammar  for  International  Relations  in  a  New  World  Order, Maurizio Boni.

Giovanni Ercolani

Giovanni Ercolani is a Social Anthropologist, researcher at the ‘Jean Monnet Chair’,  Dept.  of  Anthropology,  University  of  Murcia (Spain),  and  Thesis Advisor for the ‘Peace Operations Training Institute’ (POTI, USA). A Doctor in Political Science and Oriental Studies,both from the University of Roma (‘La Sapienza’, Italy), he holds a M.A. in Politics and Government from the St. John’s University (USA), and a Master  in Social Anthropology from the University of Murcia (Spain).

Previously,  Dr.  Ercolani  served  at  the  NATO  COMLANDSOUTHEAST HQ  in  Izmir,  Turkey,  and  has  been  a  Research  Associate  at  the  ‘Scottish Centre for International Security’ at the Aberdeen University (UK). Dr. Ercolani has been lecturing on international security issues, and political anthropology  in  Italy,  the  United  Kingdom,  Spain,  Portugal,  Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Albania, Turkey and China.

He  is  a  specialist  in  Anthropology  and  Security  Studies,  International Terrorism,  Security  Studies,  International  Relations,  Human  Security, Conflicts,  Peacekeeping  and  International  Conflict  Resolution,  CIMIC,  the Geopolitics  of  Energy,  and  Energy  Security.  He  is  a regional  expert  on Turkey, the Caucasus, and the Black Sea.

Dr.  Ercolani  is  Fellow  of  the  ‘Royal  Anthropological  Institute  of  Great Britain  and  Ireland’  (RAI,  London,  UK),  member  (elected)  of  the  ‘Royal Institute of International Affairs’ (RIIA, London.  UK), member (elected) of the ‘European Association of Social Anthropologists’ (EASA, London, UK), and member of the ‘Royal United Services Institute (RUSI, London, UK).

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