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The Institute of Anthropology, Archaeology and Linguistics at the University of Aarhus would like to invite interested students to join one of our four summer schools held in 2008 The summer school “The Anthropology of Health and Welfare” is an intensive short-session course from June 26 to July 3.

The course offers an insight into the classic anthropological topic of health and welfare in an international and vibrant environment, and it is designed to meet the needs of students interested in a brief but challenging educational experience during the summer. For more information about this specific course, please follow the link below: The summer schools held by the University of Aarhus takes place in amultinational environment, which brings together students and staff from different countries in Europe and abroad. Hence, these courses give students from all over the world the opportunity not only to broaden the understanding in anthropological and archaeological subjects but also to participate in a
vibrant and international milieu.

For more information about the summer schools in general, please follow  the link below:

Kind regards
Lotte Meinert, Jens Seeberg and Susanne Højlund

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