International Conference on Religious Tourism and Tolerance

 9-13 May 2013

 Necmettin Erbakan University

 Konya - TURKEY


* New directions in religious tourism
* Motivations behind religious tourism
* Pilgrimage, tourism and dialogues of cultures
* Management of international pilgrimage travels
* Sustainability of religious tourism
* Clustering in religious tourism
* Religious festivals and tourism
* Religious tourism and inter-cultural tolerance
* Perceptions of "the other" in religious tourism
* Guidance for faith-based tourism
* Protection of and respect for the places of worship
* Socio-cultural impacts of religious tourism
* Environmental impacts of religious tourism
* Economic aspects of religious tourism
* Mapping the holy routes
* Diaspora and religious tourism
* Disability and religious tourism
* Management and maintenance of sacred sites
* Spiritual dimensions of a religious journey
* New directions in marketing of religious destinations
* Holy sites for different beliefs in Anatolia
* Sacred foods and drinks & religious dietary issues
* Role of religious tourism in conflict resolution
* Commercialization of sacred places
* Holy sites in a neo-liberal world
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